First Family Church cares about personal growth and discipleship. One way in which we pursue those goals are through secondary measures such as small groups. Whereas we do not offer regular running small groups as a philosophy of minitry, (due to there being no command to gather in small groups in Scripture, but rather, consistent and frequent commands and examples of the whole church gathering), we do see value in Christians gathering with other believers to study the word in order to suplement their discipleship which primarily takes place under the direction of the ordinary means of grace (reading, preaching, praying, singing the word). Our hope is that we will be a congregation that is focused on our Lord and Savior as we eagerly await His return (Hebrews 9:28), who worships in light of, and in step with what He has said. .


From time to time, if a certain need arises, the church may seek to impliment small groups for further study, but our main focus is on the discipleship of the whole body, which happens on the Lord's Day. 


We also have a midweek (Wednesday @ 6:30pm - starting soon) service (which has the same basic structure as the Lord's Day) that is open to the whole church. At this service, there is time for singin, a sermon, and organizing into groups for further study based off of the sermon, and for intercessorary prayer.


At any time, if a member of the church would like to start a small group in order to supplement the regular weekly ministry, this is encouraged. You don't need approval of the elders or anything like that either - you're free in Christ. But if you would like recommendations or approval - we are happy to help with that. 

Paul Abeyta


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