What is it:

We want to have more fellowship together around the truth of God, and assist each other in growing in our faith. Therefore, we are going to host "theology nights" on the Lord's Day from time to time. These events will be open to the whole family and if you'd like - you can invite people as well. What we'll do at these events is watch theological documentaries (movies on specific areas of Christian teaching), biographies of influential people in the church, and other video based things like this. Also, we'll host some Q&A sessions in which the elders will be available to answer theological and doctrinal questions that you may have - any question is in bounds even!  

When is it: 

Periodic Sunday evenings at 6pm.

Upcoming Sunday Theology Night:

May 19th @ 6pm 

Topic: We will be holding a theological Q&A session. In the weeks leading up to the 19th, we'll have slips of paper out so that the church can write down any theological question they might have, and the elders of FFC will seek to provide a Biblical answer during the session. No theological questions are out of bounds, and hopefully, we'll be able to answer all the questions that are asked.