Sunday School Teacher Training 

When: April 29 2018 @ 1pm

Where: The FFC Fellowship Hall


Details: We had hoped to touch base with all the Sunday School Teachers and subs in September last year, but with the construction going on in the Children's Church building, we had to postpone it. Now that it only needs the final touches, and because we have our check-in system up and running, we'd like to have that training meeting. We are very grateful for the ministry that our teachers provide, and want to go over a few things to help our Children's Church ministry continue to glorify God and further the gospel while making sure we are all on the same page. Lunch will be provided at this meeting.

This meeting is for everyone who is already serving in the nursery - 5th grade. Also, if anyone is looking to get involved and to use the gifts that God has given you - please come to this meeting and learn how you can get involved.

We will be expecting all of our teachers to be there, so if you can't, please let the Children Church Director, Jill Divine, know. If you're not already involved but want to attend, please let us know so that we can plan accordingly by sending an email to