What is podcasting? 

Podcasting is a method of automatically distributing audio content over the Internet. The word ‘podcasting’ is a mix of the words ‘iPod’ (Apple’s popular portable mp3 player) and ‘broadcasting.’ 

Do I need an iPod to download and listen to a podcast? 

No. To download a podcast, you only need a computer with an Internet connection and podcast software (which you’ll need to install). Apple’s iTunes is one such program that is popular for downloading and listening to podcasts. If you have Apple iTunes, simply click here to open up the podcast in iTunes. To listen to podcast content without iTunes, you’ll need an mp3 player or any computer with audio-playing software and you will need to click on this link for current FFC podcasts. Click here to access the XML File Or enter the following URL into your browser - http://firstfamilychurchpodcast.podbean.com/

How much does it cost? 

First Family Church podcasts are free. 

How long will individual messages be available for downloading? 

Our MP3 messages will be available until as long as space on our website permits. After that time, the messages will be available to be picked up in person at FFC. 

I've subscribed to the podcast, but I am getting an error message. What's wrong? 

You should refer to the Help section in your podcasting application. You may also want to delete the podcast feed and re-subscribe. If you are still encountering problems, you can contact us at First Family Church. 

Can I make copies of a First Family Church MP3 message to give away to family and friends? 

We hope you will!