This meeting is for those who have entered into Covenant Membership with the other saints here at First Family Church, and it is only for them. That's why we are holding this meeting in the evening, rather than after the morning service. Also, we want to give adequate time for the membership to have a voice and give feedback if anyone desires to do so. Primarily - we will be discussing our future with the Southern Baptist Convetion based off of what we observed at the annual meeting this year (June 14-15) and if there is time - we will also address other current needed matters. 

We are all in covenant with one another, with Christ Jesus as our covenant bond and our hope is to honor Him in how we minister and live together. If you're a member in a formal covenant with the other saints here at FFC, we hope that you will be able to attend this meeting. 

June 26th @ 6:00 PM. We don't anticipate the meeting going very long but the exact length will depend on the interaction with the topics we have to address. 

We hope that you have enough time to fit this meeting into your schedule and appreciate your prayers for the church body.