It's time again for our Annual Business Meeting. This meeting is open to all who attend First Family Church. 

To make time for the meeting, we will be having one service with a 9am start time. After the service is over, we will transition to the Business Meeting. Childcare will be available for 2 yrs old and under. But - you're more than welcome to have your child with you in the service. Cooing and fussing children don't bother us. Refer to one of the seatback cards for more instruction. This also means that there won't be any Sunday School classes this morning, but we will have a portion of the Fellowship Hall set up for a nursery, and the other portion will have tables set up so that people can attend the service through a live feed to the fellowship hall. For the business meeting itself, we can all cram in down stairs.

After the business meeting, we will have a potluck, so please plan accordingly.  

Feb 23rd. One combined service at 9am with the meeting to follow.