The 2022 online catalog can be accessed by clicking the picture below. Once there, you can learn about registering/signing up for classes at the very bottom of the page, after the description of the offered groups.  If you have any trouble, please contact the church office.


First Family Church cares about personal growth and discipleship. One way in which we pursue those goals are through small groups that meet throughout the week. Our hope is that we will be a congregation that is focused on our Lord and Savior and that these groups will facilitate that focus as we eagerly await His return (Hebrews 9:28).

Our groups are characterized by:

  • Christ exalting studies. 
  • The mutual ministry of participators to one another in worship, applicational Bible study, encouragement, accountability and prayer. 
  • The discipleship and sanctification of members and guests through the gracious means of group Bible reading, study of the word & theology/doctrine, meditation, and group prayer. 
  • Ideals that encourage groups to find avenues for service in the church and initiate compassion, out-reach and evangelism activities as a group.

Paul Abeyta


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