Taking into account that God is sovereign and therefore, all things happen according to the counsel of His will (Eph 1:11), First Family Church had it's beginnings when Pastor Larry Webb felt the call to plant a bible teaching church in the growing East Bay Area of California.  He felt this call in the mid summer of 2000 and he answered it by putting together an information group consisting of 24 people from his current congregation. These 24 people were to be the core group that would oversee the church plant. Throughout the summer, this core group would meet once a month in the different homes of the members until September of 2000 when the congregation first launched. 

The months of September and October became "preview Sundays" which were not announced to the public, but was instead advertised by word of mouth through the relationships of the core group members. These services were not held in a church, or in a home, but rather in the warehouse of a sport nutrition supplement company which was owned by one of the core group members. Every week, this group began to grow and they established community and momentum within the group. First Family Church then went public on the second Sunday of November 2000, in a small suite (2700 square feet that we totally refurbished and built out at a cost of about $80,000) at the Sunset Strip Mall in Antioch California. 

The location at the Sunset Strip Mall wasn't to be the permanent home of First Family Church though. By 2003, our lease was running out and our property manager didn't want to renew because we were no longer a good fit for the strip mall, which was okay because we had already out grown the facility. It was then that we secured a building on East Eighteenth Street in Antioch (about 5 minutes from the old location). This building also needed some work since it was previously an unemployment office and before that, a grocery store.  After some hard work and long hours from the church members and some construction crews, this building became our location for Sunday worship. God was blessing the ministry and it wasn't long before there was a need to have two identical worship services. 

In 2009, we became aware of a new but empty building that was built for a church on the border of Antioch and Oakley which was available for lease. After a congregational vote, the property at 3415 Oakley road in Antioch became the new location for Sunday worship. Right about this time, Pastor Larry began helping a SBC congregation in Las Vegas, Nevada with pulpit duty on Saturday nights. He would catch a flight back to the Bay Area after preaching in Nevada, to preach at FFC on Sunday morning. It was in that serving of the larger body of Christ, that a small congregation in Minden/Gardnerville Nevada became aware of his ministry. First Baptist Church in Minden/Gardnerville was in need of Pastor as well, and they began to pursue Larry Webb. Larry wanted to help them out, so he began to meet with their Elder board to figure out a way to bring them solid preaching while they looked for a Senior Pastor. The fruit of those meetings resulted in FBCMG becoming a video venue campus, receiving recorded video sermons from FFC. Pastor Larry ended up dividing his time between both congregations until it was decided that he needed to be singularly focused on one congregation. FBCMG remained a video venue of FFC while they put together a search committee for a new Senior Pastor. After 3/4 of a year in searching for a Senior Pastor, Pastor Larry Webb expressed that he felt called to become the Pastor for FBCMG, much to the joy of the congregation there. 

This was no small decision for Pastor Larry and FFC. Praise be to God though because He had already put in place a qualified shepherd of the people of God, in Pastor Nick Neves, First Family's current Youth Pastor since 2004. Pastor Larry recommended Pastor Nick to the board for the position, to which the board accepted and a congregational vote was held to elect Pastor Nick into the office of Lead Pastor in July of 2012. In a nearly unanimous decision, Pastor Nick was voted in as the Lead Pastor for First Family Church. We are excited to see what God has in store for First Family Church in the future, and we invite you seek God along side us.