What is it:

Our Vision:

A church for every child.

Due to a shortage of foster homes in the California, children in the foster care system are critically vulnerable to society's most pressing issues. If even a fraction of churches in the Bay Area raises up one Foster Family with a team of Support Friends, there will be more than enough families to meet the need. We dream of the day when the church will be known as the community where abused and neglected children are cared for as beloved sons and daughters.

Our Mission:

Provide a loving home for every child in foster care.

The Church is uniquely commissioned to this task. We inspire and equip local churches with tools, resources, and support that enables them to develop a sustainable, effective foster care ministry. Together, we are working toward the day when the list of children waiting for a home will be replaced with a list of families waiting to share their homes.

Visit the Foster the City website.

How FFC is Involved: 

Foster the City is helping FFC and other churches be equipped to help children in the foster system at no charge to us. They provide training to a key point person (called an advocate) that will help organize support for families in the church who decide to foster. We know that not everyone can foster - but no family should have to foster alone. The church can help. So the avdocate ends up being a point person for the family(ies) who do foster, by helping them with all kinds of things - not limited to setting up babysitting, prayer support, and meals. Fostering is hard - no doubt about it. But it is worth it - and it doesn't have to be done alone. 

FFC Foster Family Advocate: Akasha Brown

Next Foster the City Information Meeting:

RSVP to an Interest Meeting to learn more about how to care for vulnerable children in the Bay Area and beyond as a Foster Family, Support Friend or Advocate. Click here to register